Portrait Services

What do you charge to take my picture?

Your portrait session fee is $125. and is due at the end of the session. This fee includes the


*1-1.5 Hours of studio and/or location photography. The photographer’s time, travel, and creativity, during the photo session.

*No limit on the number of looks or changes during the session time.

*An easy to use online photo gallery containing 25-50 of the best session photos to share with family and friends. You may also order beautiful professional prints direct from the gallery See an example here: http://www.brandonvickphotography.com/gallery/n-vTmFd/


What happens after my portrait session?

5-7 days after the session a link to your personal online photo gallery will be sent you for viewing and sharing.


What if I’d like something about my appearance changed? I want my nose to look a little smaller. Do you offer retouching services?

Yes, however, any RETOUCHING (from simple to advanced) is an extra-charge service. Estimates for retouching vary depending on the complexity of the work being requested. Some common examples of retouching include (but are not limited to) blemish removal, line and wrinkle removal, and other digital alterations to a person’s appearance.


Do you have packages?

At this time I don’t offer packages. Order only what you want from your portrait session.


4×6 print

$5. each


5×7 print

$7. each


8×10 print

$20. each


11×14 print

$30. each


16×20 print

$50. each


20×30 print

$75. each


Royalty Free High Resolution Digital File

$45. each


Want files only? A zipped file containing all of the best photos from your session can be sent to you as a digital download only.